Studies have shown that knowledge retention one year after VR training can be as much as 80 percent, compared to just 20 percent retention after a week with traditional education sessions. This effectiveness is accomplished through VR’s engaging multimedia experience, its “hands-on” learning methodology, and an immersive experience that provides attention to detail and eliminates outside distractions. Additionally, VR training provides a safe, self-paced learning experience that employs gamification and the ability to measure trainee success and outcomes.

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Heavy Duty VR is available across the globe via a web-based platform – without the need for expensive fabricated equipment or a dedicated training location. Through an online portal within the Oculus Quest VR headset, a secure login provides two modes of operation: trainee or administrator.

Trainees can select available environments for training, progress through increased levels of difficulty, and review their scores and results. Training scenarios can include multiple forklift models, general operation, forklift and forklift parts identification, driving directives, and object manipulation such as moving crates, boxes, etc.

Administrators can create or modify training environments, set-up trainee accounts, review test results, and more. Training environments can be edited in a number of ways, including changeable assets in the environment such as shelves, palettes with boxes and crates, road cones, and floor decals. The administrator can manipulate these assets to their liking and save the environment to the cloud. Once saved to the cloud, the training environment is instantly available across multiple locations.

All users are provided a built-in “VR Primer” to get acquainted with virtual reality technology.


  • Secure Environment for Training
  • Eliminate Mistakes, Injuries and Liabilities
  • Analyze Potential Risks
  • Helps Meet OSHA Safety Standards
  • Multiple Forklift Models & Scenarios


  • Remote Access Around the Globe
  • Affordable & Accessible Technology
  • Increase Knowledge Retention
  • Data Driven, Real-time Analytics
  • Streamlined Training Processes


  • Easy User Customization
  • Online, Cloud-based Accessibility
  • Oculus Quest Standalone Headset
  • Stable Software Platform: Unity
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Integrated with the EDlumina Online Learning Platform

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